Fiber laser marking machine is used to engrave permanent mark on all metals and some plastic with good effect
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    CO2 laser engraving machine is good at cutting non-metal material, It is widely used in industry of advertising, clothing, shoes, decoration, furniture, model making, artware.
    Using large power source, Fiber laser cutting machine is best cutting way which mastered by people. It can cut metal very easily with good result


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    Wuhan Linxuan Laser Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise in Wuhan East Lake Development Zone , we are specializing in producing, developing and selling laser marking machine,laser welding machine, laser cutting machine,etc. It is Chinese industrial laser processing equipment pioneer , domestic well-known marking equipment manufacturer. we also have obtained huge success in international market , the mainly foreign markets are United States, Germany, Spain, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia... more than 50 countries and regions .

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