Best Price 60W 80W 100W 150W 180W CO2 Laser Cutting Machines For Nonmetal
Cutting area:600*400mm/1000*600mm/1300*900mm
Laser Power(W): 60w/80w/100W/150W
Brand Name: Wuhan Linxuan Laser
Cooling Mode: Water cooling

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                       USB interface,U disk plug and direct reading,offline / online,dual guide rails,stepper driver,belt 

                        transmission,channel-type feeding,lifting platform,honeycomb platform,blade platform,circulating water 

                        cooling,hydraulic protection,smoke and dust remove system,air blowing protection,special software supports the 

                        output of file format such as PLT,BMP,DXF,DST,T100 etc..

                       - Closed loop water system

                       - Red dot pointer system for easily and quickly lining up your work

                       - High quality cutting and precise engraving ability.

                       - Communication: USB Port

                       - Minimum character size 1.5mm by 1.5mm

                       - Machine can be dismantled to go through single doors

                       - Non-contact process have less wearing parts and easier maintenance with minimum cost

                      - Various models with different configurations for wide applications






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                    Various of nonmetal materials. The marking contents aren’t limited; include Characteristic design or graphics,company trademark,

                          product serial numbers, supervising unit, sole original place, etc. It can effectively avoid disorderly competition of fake goods and improve

                          added value of products.Such as Leather,fabric,paper,wood products,acrylic,crystal,ceramic,marble,and a variety of non-metallic composite materials.


                      - Architectural Models

                      - Awards & Trophies

                      - Fablabs & Education

                      - Medical Technology

                      - Packaging Design

                      - Promotional Items

                      - Rubber Stamps

                      - Signage

                      - Signs & Displays

                      - Smartphones & Laptops

                      - Puzzle Boxes

                      - Paper Doilies

                      - Multi-layer Twill Applique

                      - Personalization of Consumer Goods

                       - Corporate Identity


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                      Warmly welcome to contact us whether you are dealer or end user,We will give you our
                      professional service timely and quickly.

                      Training Service
                      Our technician is available to your factory and offer training of how to use our machines.
                      As well, you may send your technician to our company to learn how to operate machines.

                      Quality Guarantee
                      We arrange final test before shipment. We run the machine without material for a few days,
                      and then mark materials for test. After making sure machine is the best performance,
                      then ship out the machine.

                      Operating guide
                      Explain the use of machines and software. Guide the customer proper use, extend product life
                      and reduce energy consumption.

                      Machine maintenance&Warranty
                      Explain the maintenance of machine parts to extend product life and save the energy consumption
                      The whole set of machine warranty period is two years

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                        Q: How to Install the machine?
                         A:After receive our machine, customers do not need to install it and can use it directly.

                         Q: What's package?
                         A: We have 3 layers package. For the outside, we adoptplywoodcase. In the middle,the machine
                         is covered by foam,to protect the machine from shaking.For the inside layer, the machine is
                         covered by waterproof plastic bag.

                         Q: What's delivery time?
                         A: Generally speaking, lead time is 3-5 working days after receive the payment.

                        Q: Can we add a protection cover
                        A: Yes, we can add a protection cover if you need. Wecan customize the design as customers' requests.

                        Q: What's consumables of fiber laser marking machine?
                        A: It does not have consumable. It's very economical and cost effective.



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