Advantages and Disadvantages of the Application of Laser Welding Technology in the Automotive Manufacturing Process

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In the automotive manufacturing process, laser welding machine can be used for the welding of car bodies and various types of automotive parts.

The advantages of laser welding technology play an important role in the current automotive manufacturing.

They are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

The heat-affected range of actual welding is small, and the deformation is also low.

The quality and precision of welding are high, and the aesthetics can be guaranteed under the premise of ensuring quality.

The specific welding operation is more flexible and efficient, which can meet the needs of enterprises.

The construction noise is low, and it has a good energy-saving effect.

It is suitable for welding materials with brittle texture, high strength and high melting point.

However, laser welding technology also has certain defects, as follows:

There are high requirements on the position of welding, and attention needs to be paid to the scope of welding requirements.

Not suitable for thick materials.

When the welding material has high thermal conductivity, it will affect the welding effect.

The energy conversion efficiency is low, and the solidification time of the weld bead is fast, which restricts the welding effect to a certain extent.

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