Advantages of Laser Welding Machine in Automotive Manufacturing

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Advantages of Laser Welding Machine in Automotive Manufacturing

Laser welding technology is a welding method with high accuracy and high efficiency. Compared to traditional welding machines, laser welding machines have obvious advantages.

The automotive manufacturing industry is the largest of many industrial production using laser welding. Laser welding machine technology is used in automotive roof welding, multi-link gear welding, sensors, battery valves, etc.

Advantages of laser welding machine for automotive manufacturing

1、Shorter production cycle

The laser welding machine is controlled by the program setting of the computer, with precise positioning and fast welding speed. It can weld several meters of material in one minute, directly shortening the material processing cycle and improving the overall production efficiency.

2、Lower cost

The material processed by laser welding technology rarely has the defects of machine not being able to weld through and material deformation, and the loss of material is less, which can save more cost for users.

3、Higher welding quality

Laser welding technology uses a high energy density laser beam as the heat source, which can complete the welding of small parts very well. After laser welding, the sheet metal material is fully bonded, the surface of the body is smooth and neat, and the overall appearance is beautiful and textured.

4、Wider types of welding materials

Laser welding machine can weld almost all materials regardless of thickness, type and grade together to make various shapes of parts, which greatly improves the flexibility of automobile design.

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