Application and Advantages of Laser Cleaning Machine / Laser Rust Removal Machine

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laser rust cleaning

Metals are used in a wide variety of industries. However, for some metal products, with the accumulation of time, the surface is prone to oil, stains, dirt, dust and other attachments, which greatly affects the use of the product. Due to the large added value of the product itself, the high cost of direct replacement also results in a waste of resources.

Therefore, metal surface cleaning has become an important measure to avoid waste and save costs in many industries.

There are various methods for metal cleaning, such as manual rust removal, mechanical rust removal, chemical treatment, etc. However, these all have shortcomings such as low cleaning efficiency, incomplete removal, and pollution that is not environmentally friendly.

Laser cleaning machines have gradually entered people’s field of vision and become the main equipment for cleaning high value-added metal products.

Applicable industries and advantages of laser cleaning machine?

Laser cleaning machine is suitable for automobile, mold, aerospace, 3C electronics, medical equipment, rail transit, steel manufacturing, military equipment, various steel, iron, aluminum materials and other industries.

Handheld Laser Cleaning Rust on Metal Plate

1. It can be used for cleaning the exterior walls of buildings, effectively cleaning various pollutants on various stone, metal, and glass, and is much more efficient than traditional cleaning.

2. It is applied to the removal of old aircraft paint to ensure the integrity of the metal surface of the fuselage to the greatest extent.

3. Applied to the cleaning of molds. It is easy to use, does not produce toxic gases, and does not affect the safety of the working environment. Save time, avoid mold damage, save raw materials and other advantages.

4. Laser cleaning machine is used for precise deesterification cleaning in the precision machinery industry, which avoids the problems of incomplete cleaning and residues in traditional cleaning. Ester and mineral oil can be completely removed, non-contact, without damaging the surface of the parts.

5. Laser cleaning machine is used for cleaning in the electronics industry. Laser cleaners are non-contact, do not damage pins, are fast, efficient, and thoroughly remove oxides to ensure optimal electrical contact.

6. Laser cleaning machine is used in the cleaning of pipelines in nuclear power plant reactors and weapons. It can work at a long distance and improve the safety of cleaning work.

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