Application of CO2 Laser Marking Machine in Car Seat Cushions

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Application of CO2 Laser Marking Machine in Car Seat Cushions

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the auto parts and accessories industry has also ushered in an era of rapid development. There are various types of common auto supplies, ranging from car Bluetooth, car trash can, car window stickers, mobile phone holders, car accessories, etc., to car mats, car seat cushions, body stickers, trunk mats and so on. The choice of each of its car accessories affects the overall style and quality of the car, and is concerned by more and more people.

A device that is often used for marking on car mats, car seat cushions – car seat laser marking machine, which is a kind of CO2 laser marking machine. It is a kind of equipment that forms a high temperature area on the surface of the seat cushion by laser irradiating to reach high temperature cauterizing and engraving patterns. The car seat cushion laser marking machine is suitable for marking and engraving on a variety of materials, such as: fabric, leather, nylon, blends, etc., to increase the decoration and aesthetics of the car seat.

The non-contact processing method of the car seat cushion laser marking machine makes the surface of the product free of mechanical stress, damage and invariance. The pattern, logo, etc. are set up by the computer, and the laser marking machine is controlled to run at a high speed. It is suitable for various complex pattern markings. The laser marking has high precision and precise energy control. It can engrave beautifully on the surface of car seat Patterns improve comfort and aesthetics. It can also serve various customized car laser marking services.


1. Configuration: 600*600mm, 800*800mm, 1200*1200m and other marking formats to meet different laser marking requirements.

2. Configure 3D dynamic marking system to improve laser marking accuracy.

3. It is suitable for laser marking / engraving all kinds of artificial leather, chemical fiber fabric, and real leather. It can also be used for laser cutting and engraving various non-metallic materials such as bamboo, wood, plastic, paper, and acrylic.

4. Fast speed, high efficiency, beautiful craftsmanship, labor saving and production cost reduction.

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