Application of Laser Cleaning Machine for Tire Mold

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Application of Laser Cleaning Machine for Tire Mold

Tire molds are contaminated by the comprehensive deposition of rubber, compound and release agent during use, which will inevitably lead to carbon accumulation, sticky rubber, difficult release and other problems, resulting in dead areas of tread pollution affecting the life of the mold and tire quality.

Laser cleaning technology can not only improve the tire mold cleaning method, and have a good effect on removing residual impurities on the surface, but also can improve the tire surface performance, indirectly improve the quality of tire production.

According to the cleaning test conducted by laser cleaning equipment in the tire company production line, it only only takes 2 hours to clean a set of molds for large truck tires online.

Compared with conventional cleaning methods, the economic benefits of laser cleaning machine are obvious.

The application of laser cleaning technology in industry has led to a substantial improvement in the effect of carbon deposition removal and the quality of the welding process. It can efficiently clean the carbon deposition on the surface of different substrates, reducing welding defects and improving the weldability of the material. At the same time, laser cleaning can also save the production cost of and improve the productivity enterprises.

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