Application of Laser Cutting Machine for Fur Collar

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Application of Laser Cutting Machine for Fur Collar

In the cold winter, fur collar coats are extremely popular among ladies. And laser cutting machine for fur collar is trusted by many garment industry manufacturers.

Fur collar is in contact with human skin more. Poor quality fur collar cutting will have uneven cuts and unevenness. This not only affects the aesthetics, but also makes it uncomfortable to wear. Therefore, it is especially important that the cutting and sewing are accurate.

Advantages of fur collar laser cutting machine

1. Fast cutting speed. No problem to cut fabric straight line and complex curved pattern.

2. Smooth cutting, with very little unevenness and hand rubbing.

3. Save time and effort, save labor costs and reduce waste of resources.

4. The laser equipment works continuously at high speed and stably during the working hours to improve productivity.

The stability, precision and speed of laser cutting fur collar technology can reflect the industry’s first-class level.

Hair collar laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high precision, no harm to the hair peak, fast speed, good hemming, convenient layout, simple operation, strong continuous processing capacity, etc., which can improve the quality of products and increase the added value at the same time, save labor and increase efficiency to a large extent.

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