Application of Laser Cutting Machine for Machining

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Application of Laser Cutting Machine for Machining

As a main method in electrical processing technology, laser cutting is commonly used in mechanical processing, especially in the mold processing industry.

Laser cutting is widely used in the processing of parts such as hardened steel molds and hard alloy, and is also particularly suitable for processing small parts with complex shapes. It can better reflect its advantages for extrusion dies and punching dies.

For the small and medium-sized dies, laser cutting not only improves the matching accuracy of the dies, but also shortens the cycle time and reduces production costs.

For small concave model holes with complex shapes, narrow slits or sharp angles, the overall structure of the part is first quenched and then processed, which not only simplifies the design and manufacture of the mold, but also ensures that the accuracy meets the design requirements. So that parts such as twisted bodies and cones with heterogeneous top and bottom surfaces, which cannot be completed by traditional processing methods, can be easily completed by laser cutting technology with good quality. This makes the application of laser cutting machine in mechanical processing more promising.

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