Application of Laser Marking Machine for Window Paper-cuts Cutting

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Laser Cutting Machine for Window Paper-cuts

As a traditional Chinese folk art, window paper-cuts have a long history and unique style. The traditional window paper-cuts are all cut by hand, which embodies the wisdom of the ancient working people. With the development of technology, manual paper-cutting is gradually replaced by machine cutting. Laser marking machine for paper has become an emerging technology for window paper-cuts production.

There are various styles of window paper-cuts, with text and patterns, all of which imply auspiciousness and joy, and are suitable for different occasions such as Spring Festival, weddings, festivals and so on. The application of laser marking machine makes the production of window paper-cuts get rid of the problems of slow speed and low efficiency of traditional manual cutting, which makes the production in batches.

Laser marking machine for paper cutting can quickly and efficiently cut out various flower patterns by importing graphic patterns into the computer, through marking software like ezcad control and computer typesetting, with various styles. The edge of the window paper-cuts cut by the laser marking machine is smooth and flat, and the shape is neat and consistent, adding a lot of atmosphere to the festival.

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