Application of Laser Cutting Machine for Wooden Notebook Cover

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Application of Laser Cutting Machine for Wooden Notebook Cover

Laser cutting machine for wood has great applications in cutting and engraving wood plank. In recent years, notebook covers made of wooden boards have become popular, which are not only practical but also very beautiful.

Using laser hollowing notebook cover, you can design your own shape as you like. You can engrave your name, the purpose of the notebook, month and year of use, etc. All these elements can be marked on the wooden cover of notebook as long as you want, which is convenient and beautiful.

The laser cutting process can complete a complete set of cutting, hollowing, engraving and marking process. This contactless processing of wood by laser does not cause extrusion and deformation of the wood veneer, nor does it affect the color of the wood itself, which is very protective of the material itself.

The notebook wooden cover processed by laser is beautiful and practical. This is also a regular application of laser cutting machine, and there is still a broad market for it.

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