Application of Laser Engraving Machine for Bamboo Pen Holder

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Application of Laser Engraving Machine for Pen Holder

A pen holder is one of the practical tools for learning and office work. Most of the pen holders are made of natural bamboo and wood as raw materials. Later modern laser engraving technology is used to engrave some poems, songs and calligraphy, adding a different cultural atmosphere to the study.

Laser engraving graphics are fine and smooth, which will not cause material waste, and can better express cultural feelings through engraving. The pen holders can be customized as gifts, which is a good choice for teachers and friends.

Laser engraving machine can process any cylinder and can be equipped with an automatic lifting platform. High efficiency, good precision, no damage to the essence of the material, the engraving pen holder is more pure and natural, making the study environment more elegant.

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