Application of Laser Engraving Machine for Computer Accessories

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Application of Laser Engraving Machine for Computer Accessories

Ordinary keyboards generally use ink jet printing characters, which are easy to wear after long-term use, affecting the recognition and aesthetics. And through the laser marking process, the graphics can be firmly marked, which is timeless and has fine details, which effectively improves the user experience.

In order to meet the more and higher needs of players, light-transmitting computer accessories came into being. The laser beam is irradiated on the part of the keycap that needs to be transparent, so that the shading ink on the surface is removed, and the light of the LED will be transmitted through the marked part.

The customization of laser marking also allows personality to be fully expressed on the keyboard. Users can make their favorite patterns on the computer, and the laser marking machine can print them on the keyboard and mouse according to the preset graphics. Laser technology brings not only exquisite game peripherals, but also a way to meet the diversified needs of players and bring customized product experience and added value.

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