Application of Laser Engraving Machine for Scale

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Application of Laser Engraving Machine for Scale

As an important measuring tool, the scale is involved in all aspects of work and life. Not only can it meet the experimental needs of physics, chemistry, and medicine, but it is also an indispensable working tool in building housing and making clothes. Laser marking machines can mark clearer and more precise scales on metal or plastic workpieces.

Laser Marking Scale on Stainless Steel

Traditional screen printing inks are difficult to ensure the durability and accuracy of scale numbers. The use of laser-marked stainless steel ruler tapes not only ensures the wear resistance of the scale, but also provides accurate measurement performance.

The non-contact laser process will not damage the fine-textured metal frosted shell, which is comfortable to hold and looks like new after long-term use.

Laser technology demands high-quality scales and strives to create more accurate measuring tools.

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