Application of Laser Engraving Machine for Wristwatch

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Application of Laser Engraving Machine for Wristwatch

Watches are the product of the combination of fashion elements and precision machinery. Laser engraving machine will bring you unique personal custom pattern and text.

Laser engraving machines create exquisite lines both on the dial and on the individual mechanical components. The production information is marked on the components to ensure product quality from the source. The watch is marked with a clear and beautiful pattern, with fashionable atmosphere. Especially the bottom cover of the watch, the traditional marking is easy to wear and easy to be wiped off by sweat. There is absolutely no need to worry about laser marking, to ensure that the mark will never disappear and be permanently clear.

Laser engraving machine can be used for all small processing, even in extremely small places such as straps, buckles, watch sides and lugs, it is possible to mark a unique and exclusive identity. Laser marking speed is fast, the precision is high, the subtleties are more unique, and the personality charm is doubled.

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