Application of Laser Marker for Medical POCT Nucleic Acid Reagent Card

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Application of Laser Marker for Medical POCT Nucleic Acid Reagent Card

Medical test card is an in vitro POCT product widely used in the medical industry. It is often used for infectious disease detection, chronic disease detection, blood sugar detection, drug detection, pregnancy and prenatal and postnatal care detection, etc. Common medical test cards need to be marked with symbols and letters on the plastic shell before leaving the factory to indicate the test results. Here need to use POCT detection card laser marking machine.

POCT detection card laser marking machine is also called CCD visual recognition laser marking machine. Compared with the traditional inkjet printing process, it has obvious technical advantages. It is a high-quality and high-efficiency laser marking equipment for detection reagent cards. .

What are the process advantages of laser marking compared with ink printing?

1. The traditional ink has pollution, which is not conducive to environmental protection.

2. Laser marking cannot be erased, has a high degree of recognition, and is resistant to corrosion and wear, which greatly regulates the market order.

3. Laser marking greatly increases the added value of the product. The craftsmanship is beautiful. The grade of the product is improved, and the core competitiveness of the product is increased.

4. The ink consumables in ink printing are high, which greatly increases the production cost. The nozzle, ink pad, and ink sac are consumable parts, which need to be replaced regularly.

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