Application of Laser Marking Machine for 2019-nCoV Nucleic Acid Medical Detection Reagent Card (Box)

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Laser Marking Machine for 2019-nCoV Nucleic Acid Medical Detection Reagent Card (Box)

With the 2019-nCoV spreading around the world, the medical industry in various countries is facing huge challenges, especially the medical rapid diagnosis industry and the medical device production industry. The demand for 2019-nCoV test kits has doubled due to the spread of the virus.

However, in the production of test kits, each medical device has its unique UDI, the product identification code, which is an important part of the POCT test kit. Usually, variable codes or custom codes such as QR, DM, CODE46 and CODE16K are used as unique identifiers. These marks have high requirements for clarity and identification, and play an important role in product traceability and management.

Under the huge production pressure, Linxuan Laser supply an automatic identification and positioning laser marking equipment, which replaces traditional ink printing with the advantages of high efficiency, speed, safety and energy saving.

Principle of laser marking test reagent card

The main raw materials of our common POCT test reagent cards are polymer materials (PVC, PP, ABS, HIPS, etc.). The laser uses a high-heat laser beam to carbonize the surface of the plastic, so that there is a color difference between the color of the plastic and the non-active area to form a mark, with beautiful effect and high production efficiency.

Advantages of inspection card laser marking machine

1. Fast

Assembly line work, automatic identification marking, fast speed.

2. Intelligent

Equipped with CCD intelligent identification vision system, without manual alignment, automatic machine recognition, high accuracy.

3. Environmentally friendly

Laser marking is safe and pollution-free, without odor pollution.

4. Accuracy

Intelligent machine alignment, greatly reducing the defective rate.

5. Anti-counterfeiting

High anti-counterfeiting, permanent and clear marking information, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.

Laser marking machine has a wide range of applications, and is used in the marking of graphics and text such as expiration date, batch number, shift, manufacturer name and logo on products such as pharmaceutical, medical, personal care products, food and beverage packaging, etc.

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