Laser Marking and Engraving Acrylic

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laser engraving acrylic

Laser marking acrylic is one of the most popular processing methods in the acrylic processing industry. Linxuan provides custom solutions for laser marking and engraving acrylic. We manufacture industrial acrylic laser marking machines with long-term after-sales service.

Acrylic is a transparent material, and has the translucency of glass but is not as easy to break as glass. It is a new type of material with good transparency, drop resistance, and chemical stability.

Due to the high cost of acrylic materials and production difficulties, ordinary printing machine is difficult to meet the requirements of marking logos or text.

Laser marking machine is currently the world’s most advanced marking equipment, has high marking quality, long service life, flexible and maintenance-free installation.

Both the CO2 laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine can engrave acrylic.

Laser marking acrylic is fast, does not pollute raw materials, and has a high accuracy of marked characters and patterns, with the effect of not fading or loosening for a long time.

Acrylic laser marking machine has been widely used by acrylic product manufacturers.

Laser Marking Acrylic Advantages

Laser marking machine forms permanent marks on acrylic surface by focusing a high-energy laser beam on the surface to cause a chemical reaction.

The laser marking machine for acrylic has the characteristics of good beam quality, small size, fast speed, long working life, flexible installation, and maintenance-free.

The marking is clear, the yield is high, and there is no pollution to the environment.

Graphics, text, and serial numbers can all be edited with software and are easy to change.

No consumables, low cost of use, and energy saving, marking is environmentally friendly and meets ROHS standards.

Industries of Application

Laser marking technology has a wide range of application scenarios on acrylic materials. Here are some common acrylic laser marking applications:

Advertising and Displays

Acrylic is clear, hard-wearing, and easy to cut, making it ideal for billboards, signs, and product displays. Laser marking machines can produce high-precision patterns, text, and logos on acrylic surfaces, adding a sense of personalization and professionalism to advertising and display items.

Interior decoration

Laser marking can realize customized processing of acrylic decorations, wall hanging art, lamps, etc. Through laser marking, various textures, patterns or designs can be carved on the acrylic surface to make the interior decoration more personalized and artistic.

Packaging and Branding

Acrylic materials are often used to make high-quality packaging boxes and product casings. Laser engraving machines can mark trademarks, serial numbers, barcodes, and other identifications on acrylic surfaces to enhance the brand value and anti-counterfeiting performance of the product.


As a multifunctional material, acrylic is widely used in many fields of manufacturing. Laser marking can produce precise notches, serial numbers, or QR codes on acrylic materials for parts tracking, product identification, and quality control.

Gifts and Medals

Gifts and medals made of acrylic are popular for their transparency and gloss. A laser marking machine can engrave text, patterns, portraits, etc. on the acrylic surface, adding unique personalized effects to gifts and medals.

Laser Marking/engraving on Materials of Acrylic

Acrylic Laser Marking Machine

When choosing a laser marking machine for acrylic, it can be matched according to the specific needs of acrylic products.

For general marking requirements, you can choose co2 laser marking machine. If you need a more fine marking process, choose a UV laser marking machine. In terms of cost, the UV laser marking machine is usually larger than the CO2 laser marking machine.

Linxuan is an experienced laser marking machine manufacturer. A professional technical team and quality service have accumulated a lot of reputation for the enterprise. Linxuan Laser uses the most cutting-edge equipment production technology, providing customized laser marking machines to meet the customers’ needs.

How to Operate the Laser Engraving Acrylic?

1. Prepare the acrylic material, and make sure the surface is smooth and free from dust and oil stains.

2. Place the acrylic material on the laser marking machine table, and adjust the parameters in marking software like Ezcad2, such as laser power and marking speed.

3. Input the text or graphics to be printed in the laser marking machine software, and perform typesetting and adjustment.

4. Click the “Mark” button, and the acrylic laser marking machine starts to work and prints the required content on the acrylic surface.

5. After the marking is completed, remove the acrylic material from the workbench and check whether the marking effect meets the requirements.


When using an acrylic laser engraving machine, you need to pay attention to the following:

1. The laser engraving machine needs regular maintenance to ensure its normal operation.

2. When using the acrylic engraving machine, you need to wear protective glasses to avoid laser damage to the eyes.

3. Pay attention to safety and avoid touching the laser beam and the moving parts of the machine.

4. Ensure that the working environment is well-ventilated to avoid harmful gases.

5. It is necessary to follow the relevant safety regulations and operating procedures to ensure safety.

If the Effect of Laser Marking Acrylic is Not Satisfactory?

You may encounter the following problems:

1. The marking effect is not ideal, and the text or graphics are blurred.

2. Cracks or discoloration appear on the surface of the acrylic material.

3. The marking speed is too slow, which affects production efficiency.

In response to the above problems, we can take the following measures:

1. Adjust the parameters of the laser engraving machine, such as laser power and marking speed, etc., to obtain better marking results.

2. Choose a laser engraving machine suitable for acrylic materials, and avoid using equipment with too high a power to avoid damage to the surface of the material.

3. Before marking, pre-treat the acrylic material, such as cleaning and sanding, to improve the marking effect.

4. During the engraving process, keep a proper distance between the laser engraving machine and the acrylic material to avoid excessive exposure.


Will laser marking damage the acrylic material?

Laser marking usually does not cause damage to acrylic materials.

Laser systems use high-energy laser beams to create chemical and physical reactions on the acrylic surface to form patterns or text. Properly setting laser parameters can avoid overheating or dissolving acrylic. However, using incorrect laser parameters may cause melting, charring, or cracks on the acrylic surface, so caution is required.

Can laser marking acrylic achieve color effects?

Traditional laser marking technology usually cannot directly achieve color effects. It mainly produces contrast by changing the color, texture or reflective properties of the acrylic surface to form patterns or text.

However, some new laser marking technologies have been developed in recent years, such as dye laser marking, which can achieve a certain degree of color effects on acrylic surfaces.

Is the laser markings on acrylic durable?

The laser markings on acrylic surfaces are usually long-lasting. Due to the abrasion and weather resistance of acrylic itself, laser markings can remain clearly visible for a long time.

However, markings may gradually fade or wear away if subjected to extensive rubbing or exposure to harsh environmental conditions.

Does laser marking acrylic require special post-processing?

In general, laser marking acrylic does not require special post-processing. The engraved marks are typically already firmly attached to the acrylic surface and require no additional coating or cleaning steps.

However, depending on specific application needs, surface cleaning or coating may be required to enhance the protective or decorative effect of the marking.

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