Application of Laser Marking Machine for Buttons

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buttons marking

Buttons are called the “eyes” of clothing. Designers use the laser engraving process to enrich button patterns, which play a “icing on the cake” embellishment effect on clothes.

There are tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of buttons from different materials, shapes, colors, and craftsmanship. Buttons with different materials and patterns have different effects.

Buttons play a role in extending and connecting lines to clothing design. The use of laser engraving patterns is new and unique, and the unique texture of natural materials injects a calm sense into the clothing.

The light and durable resin material has smooth and strong edges, and the delicate and smooth lines bring freshness to the vision. Button laser engraving machine engraves high-quality text on buttons, which will not be worn after repeated touch and washing.

According to the processing characteristics and market demand of buttons, the laser marking machine can engrave any complex graphics on buttons of various materials, which brings different creative inspiration to designers and helps every journey detail of button design and processing.

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