Application of Laser Marking Machine for Cushion

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Application of Laser Marking Machine for Cushion

In winter, a warm cushion is essential. In order to make the seat cushion more beautiful and fashionable, many merchants have made great efforts in the design and produced a batch of seat cushions that combine beauty and practicality. Among them, laser marking machine is also widely used in the production of seat cushions.

People are increasingly pursuing customized services. The production of cushion laser marking machine has promoted the diversified development of cushions, and has also brought customized services to a new level.

The fabrics of the cushions in autumn and winter usually include plush fabrics, pure cotton fabrics, microfiber fabrics, brushed PU leather and so on. Because of its good warmth retention, it is loved by most people. Laser marking machine is widely used in marking of various cushions, the effect is beautiful, the material itself is less worn, and the operation is safe and pollution-free.

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