Application of Laser Marking Machine for Drug Safety

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Information mark on the drug itself

In the process of research and development, production, distribution and use, drugs will only be able to play their normal role after strict requirements and specifications. The information such as production date, production batch number, main ingredients, scope of application, and shelf life is an important source of drug anti-counterfeiting and traceability. Laser marking machine can print various characters, symbols and patterns. The character size can range from millimeters to micrometers, which is of special significance for the anti-counterfeiting and safety traceability of medicines.

Laser marking is a method that uses a high-energy-density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize or change the color of the surface material, thereby leaving a permanent mark.

Application of Laser Marking Machine for Medicine Box

At present, the application of laser marking technology in the pharmaceutical industry mainly focuses on the following two aspects:

Labeling of pharmaceutical packaging materials

Pharmaceutical packaging materials refer to the materials used in the manufacture of packaging containers, packaging decoration, packaging printing, packaging transportation, etc. to meet product packaging requirements. Different types of medicines use different packaging materials. The pharmaceutical industry pays attention to safety and hygiene, and has very high requirements on product labeling.

The traditional method is to print the information of the medicine on the packaging material in advance before packaging. However, the printing technology mainly uses ink printing, and the ink is a volatile substance, the quality is difficult to guarantee and contains chemical residues. In addition, the ink is easy to smear, making it easy for criminals to take advantage, and it is difficult to trace the source.

Laser marking is a non-contact, pollution-free marking method. Not only can it meet the use of multiple packaging materials, but all the information marked on the drug packaging materials cannot be easily erased and tampered with, and it has anti-counterfeiting properties to ensure that all circulating drug information is traceable. As long as there is a problem in any link, you can use the relevant code to query the root cause of the problem.

Information mark on the drug itself

Laser marking machine can mark on metals, plastics, wood and other materials. This marking has been extended to the field of pharmaceuticals. The specifications and models, etc. are marked on the drug to make it a part of the drug itself.

Information mark on the drug itself

Laser marking machine can engrave text patterns on drug capsules, avoiding ink pollution. At the same time, compared with traditional ink printing machines, laser marker does not require any consumables, and the printed medicines have no toxic and side effects.

In a word, laser marking provides anti-counterfeiting labels and information storage for medicines to ensure the safety. From an economic point of view, the laser marking machine greatly improves the work efficiency, not only saves labor costs, but also saves a lot of time.

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