Application of Laser Marking Machine for Easy Tear Line

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Application of Laser Marking Machine for Easy Tear Line

In life, food, daily necessities, medicines, etc., there will be an easy-tear line on the packaging bag. Laser marking machine can complete this process.

Laser marking machine generates heat on the surface of the product by focusing the laser beam, and evenly cuts out fine lines. Various lines, adjustable length, non-contact and wear-free processing ensure the integrity of the goods in the package and improve the stability and reliability of the goods.

From dotted holes, vent holes, easy tear openings, heat-sealed labels, to cutting, marking, scribing, punching, etc., laser marking machine can do it well. These can also greatly improve the consumer experience and product quality, and become a new boost for the packaging industry!

Features of CO2 laser marking machine

It is finely processed and only acts on a specific film layer to ensure the integrity of other film layers.

The shape of the drawn line can be freely selected.

Full cutting, half cutting and punching can be realized.

The marking effect is beautiful.

No pollution, no consumables, energy saving and environmental protection.

Applicable materials

OPP, plastic, aluminum foil, anti-static/shielding bag, vacuum bag, aluminum foil mask, pet grain bag, 25KG plastic pellet paper aluminum-plastic composite bag, microporous vacuum bag, building material packaging bag, moisture-proof bag, sealing film, etc.

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