Application of Laser Marking Machine for Eyeglasses

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Application of Laser Marking Machine for Eyeglasses

Whether it is the elderly, children or young people, whether it is myopia glasses, reading glasses or sunglasses, people have more and more requirements for it. Only practicality can no longer enough to meet people’s needs, fashion and beauty have become a new pursuit, which has led to a huge development of eyeglasses industry.

However, the beauty of eyeglasses is not only in the different styles of frames, but also in the engraved text patterns on the frames. In the past, traditional eyeglass frames were mainly printed with ink. Long-term use was prone to the phenomenon of text peeling and paint peeling, which seriously affected the quality and appearance of the product. Therefore, laser marking machine has been gradually introduced into the eyeglasses manufacturing and has become the mainstream process of modern glasses marking. The logo pattern marked on the eyeglasses frame by the laser marking machine is clear and beautiful, and will not fade and fall off.

Laser marking machine for eyeglasses has good output beam quality, high electro-optical conversion rate, simple operation, high precision, and can engrave metal materials and some non-metal materials. It is mainly used for pattern, text, QR code, LOGO, etc. It can bring finer graphics and text processing to the eyeglasses frame, improve the added value of products, highlight the high-end quality and fashionable temperament, and can also convey more information about eyeglasses through the QR code mark and increase the brand influence.

The frame materials of eyeglasses are mainly metal, plastic or resin, natural materials, etc. Laser marking machines widely used in the eyeglasses industry mainly include fiber laser marking machines and CO2 laser marking machines. Fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for marking metal and plastic eyeglasses frames, CO2 laser marking machine is mainly suitable for marking some non-metal frames. There are some specific materials that can be tested by contacting Linxuan Laser with different models.

Eyeglasses laser coding machine advantages

Corrosion and abrasion resistance, which can avoid the embarrassment of peeling off of traditional ink printing marks.

The effect is beautiful, the precision is very high, and the marking pattern is clear.

The eyeglasses laser marking machine is easy to operate and can be used after simple training without skilled engraving skills.

The marking graphics are rich and varied, and can realize personalized customization.

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