Application of Laser Marking Machine for Food Packaging Bags

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Application of Laser Marking Machine for Food Packaging Bags

Food laser marking machine basically covers the entire application range of inkjet machines. In addition to its wide application in 3C electronic products, it can also mark plastic packaging bags. Laser marking machines are no longer simply marking product dates and batch numbers, but can also play more and more important roles.

In the traditional process, ink jet coding is generally used on food packaging bags to mark the production date, batch number, and production location information, such as common dairy products, bread, bottled beverages and other foods. However, the method of ink jetting is easy to be erased. Driven by interests, some unscrupulous merchants will erase the production date of the products that are about to expire, and then spray the new production date to continue selling in the market. This will have a great impact on people’s health, and also seriously affect the balance of the market.

Industrial Flying Laser Marking for Production Date on Package

Because the laser marking machine has the unique visual and tactile effects and the characteristics of long-term non-erasure, it has strong anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling characteristics. At present, it is mainly used for online coding and marking on the surface of various products or outer packaging. In the process of laser coding, the products flow continuously on the production line, which greatly improves the production efficiency and makes the laser marking machine adapt to the requirements of industrial production.

Through the technical processing of the laser marking machine, we can see the logo marked with the laser marking technology everywhere when we buy goods in the supermarket. Similarly, laser marking machines are also suitable for the needs of the gift packaging bag industry, and the application of laser marking machines will be more closely associated with people’s lives in the future.

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