Application of Laser Marking Machine for Fountain Pen

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Laser Marking Machine for Fountain Pen

The previous fountain pen was gradually replaced by the current gel pen, gradually submerged in the wheel of time. Fountain pen has changed from a popular tool to a niche customization. The fountain pen has become a kind of feeling, a unique flavor of time, which is popular among a small group of people. Introduced here is a device for marking and engraving on fountain pens – fountain pen laser marking machine.

The niche development of fountain pens makes it gradually enter the high-end market and become the favorite of a certain group of people. The shape of the pen is no longer monotonous and boring monochrome, and gradually integrates into fashionable colors. While people pay attention to practicality, the beauty of the shape is also essential. The fountain pen laser marking machine fits the fountain pen’s forward route and is used by many fountain pen manufacturers.

Before a fountain pen leaves the factory, it will go through a marking process to engrave the brand LOGO, or modeling patterns and text on its shell. Lines can be engraved on the pen body, which increases the design and fashion sense of the pen and increases the added value of the product. The markings can not only promote the brand, ensure product quality, but also regulate the market order and prevent brand products from being tampered with and imitated.

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