Application of Laser Marking Machine for Glass Test Tube

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Laser Marking Machine for Glass Test Tube

Due to its high transparency and good light transmittance, glass is often used in the medical research and development industry, such as common test tubes, flasks, and utensils. While glass is widely used, the demand for glass marking and lettering has gradually attracted people’s attention.

Common methods of engraving on glass are: decorative engraving, that is, the use of chemical agents – etchants to corrode and engrave glass. Manual knife engraving – physical engraving on the glass surface with a special engraving knife. There is also a UV laser marking machine to be introduced here.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine mainly uses short-wavelength lasers to directly break the molecular chains of substances (different from the evaporation of surface substances produced by long-wavelength lasers to expose deep substances) to display the desired etched patterns and characters. The focusing spot is extremely small, which can greatly reduce the mechanical deformation of the material and has a small processing heat effect, which is especially suitable for glass engraving.

We first import the text, copywriting, scale, etc. that need to be marked into the computer, and then control the UV laser machine through the relevant marking software such as ezcad. Put the product into the UV laser marking machine, so that the UV light can irradiate the glass surface, and then start the machine to complete the marking.

Whether it is engraving letters on glass test tubes or marking scales on glassware, UV laser marking machines can complete quickly and efficiently. The engraved product has beautiful effect, smooth surface and clear marking. In addition, due to the use of 355nm ultraviolet laser, the UV laser marking machine has a fine spot, which is especially suitable for high-precision marking and lettering needs, such as 3C electronics industry, mobile phone industry, communication industry, etc., with a wide range of marking, suitable for various metals and non-metals material.

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