Application of Laser Marking Machine for Hair Dryer

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Laser Marking Machine for Hair Dryer

As a small daily household appliance, hair dryer has become a must-have item in almost every household. Introduced here is a device that can be used for marking and lettering on the surface of hair dryers – UV laser marking machine.

UV laser marking machine adopts UV cold light source, compared with the ordinary infrared laser marking machine, the light source is finer, and the marking effect is more beautiful. The UV laser marking machine can mark the LOGO, pattern, model, etc. on the surface of the hair dryer, which is not only conducive to standardizing the market order, strengthening brand communication, improving brand recognition, but also increasing the fashion sense of the hair dryer.

How does the UV laser marking machine mark on the hair dryer?

The UV laser marking machine applies the ultraviolet light emitted by the ultraviolet laser to irradiate the surface of the plastic product, so that the surface of the product is vaporized at high temperature to achieve the effect of product lettering. In addition, the UV light marking effect is fine, and the product surface has no touch, which is especially suitable for the surface marking of electronic and electrical products.

What are the advantages of laser marking?

Compared with traditional inkjet printing, the marks of laser are permanent, will not wear and disappear, prevent fake and shoddy tampering of product information, and increase brand protection. Laser marking is safe, pollution-free, fast and efficient.

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