Application of Laser Marking Machine for Headphone

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Laser Marking Machine for Headphone

For those who like music, a pair of headphones is indispensable. A good pair of headphones is not only high-quality in terms of sound quality, but also high-end in terms of appearance design details and quality. On the appearance of the headphones, various LOGOs and texts of major manufacturers are realized by laser marking machine.

Large manufacturers will use laser marking technology to mark the company name, logo, pattern, QR code, barcode, etc. on the surface of the product when the headphone leaves the factory.

Compared with the traditional ink printing and dyeing technology, the products marked by the headphone laser marking machine have many incomparable advantages.

First of all, the headphones marked by laser are safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and the words are clear, suitable for marking various fine patterns.

Secondly, ink printing is changeable, giving many unscrupulous merchants the opportunity to change product information. However, laser marking machine does not at all. Each marking is performed by the laser beam on the surface of the plastic product, which has permanent characteristics.

In addition, for the marking of small headphone heads, the laser marking machine can be equipped with CCD automatic identification function, which can realize automatic machine alignment without manual alignment, which is suitable for mass and rapid production on the assembly line.

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