Application of Laser Marking Machine for Household Electric Appliance

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Application of Laser Marking Machine for Household Electric Appliance

We use various electrical appliances in our lives, such as rice cookers, microwave ovens, induction cookers, heaters, juicers, humidifiers and so on. LOGO information, parameter information, etc. are marked on the surface of these products, which can not only play a good role in brand promotion, but also display electrical performance information, improving people’s electricity safety.

Laser Marking on Plastic of Optical Modem

Laser marking machine for electrical appliance can generate heat by irradiating the laser beam to the surface of the product to achieve the effect of marking and engraving. Compared with traditional ink printing, laser marking is more corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, safe and pollution-free, and has the incomparable advantages of ink printing: tamper-proof modification, to a large extent, protects the brand rights and interests of various product merchants and effectively eliminates product information tampering problem. Laser marking machine can also mark two-dimensional codes, barcodes, etc. on the surface of the product to improve the traceability.

Laser marking machine is widely used in the electrical product marking industry, and can be assembled in the electrical production line to realize the integrated production of electrical products and improve the quality and added value of electrical products.

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