Application of Laser Marking Machine for Ice Cream Stick

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Laser Marking Machine for Ice Cream Stick

In the hot summer, cold drink ice cream have become a more and more favorite food for many people. With the development of the economy, the price of cold drinks has been rising, and the overall quality has also been greatly improved. From the taste of the ice cream, the wooden sticks to the outer packaging, the improvement of the quality of the details can be seen. Here to talk about is a device that is often used for marking wooden products – wood laser marking machine.

Laser marking machine for wood can quickly mark and engrave LOGO on wood products, with beautiful effect and rapid marking, which greatly meets the requirements of manufacturers for details. It can not only play the role of brand promotion, but also improve the added value of products. Compared with the traditional knife engraving technology, laser marking effect is more obvious, clearer, and has high efficiency and fast speed, with significant technological advantages.

Laser marking machine for wood has a wide range of applications, can be used to mark the surface of various materials, such as plastic, rubber, cloth, bamboo and wood, etc., with fine and beautiful effects.

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