Application of Laser Marking Machine for Leather

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leather laser marking machine

Leather is widely used in daily life, from small keychains, coasters, to bags, clothes and so on. The leather laser marking machine breaks the monotonous design and simple shape of the original leather products, pushes new styles and leads new fashions. With the leather laser marking machine, the leather products incorporate new craftsmanship and are more attractive.

Leather laser marking machine applies the laser non-contact marking process, the heat affected area is small, the engraving is clear and accurate, and the complex engraving and hollowing of leather products can be realized in a short time. The products processed by the leather laser marking machine are simple and stylish, and the effect is beautiful.

By importing the pattern into the computer and controlling the laser marking machine through a specific marking software, the laser hollowing, perforating and engraving of the leather is realized. Whether it is letters, patterns, logos, leather laser marking machines can perfectly completed.

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