Application of Laser Marking Mask

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Application of Laser Marking Machine for Mask

The material of masks is melt-blown fabric, which has a thin surface and is not easily processed in a hot environment. Other laser light sources will generate high temperature during processing, and only UV laser marking machine is suitable.

The UV laser marking machine uses a 355mm UV cold light source, which will not generate high temperature during marking and will not cause damage to the mask. This kind of light source has a small focusing spot, which is very suitable for marking precise and tiny materials. The marking effect is not only clear and bright, but also does not appear scattered ink and burrs.

At present, mask manufacturers use laser marking machines to match the production. A UV laser marking machine can meet the needs of the production line and improve production efficiency.

The mask laser marking machine can operate continuously 24 hours a day, combined with the mask assembly line for production and automatic marking. Using a mask laser marking machine instead of ink to mark can speed up the production process, complete marking within seconds, complete a high degree of automation, and increase supply and sales.

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