Application of Laser Marking Machine for Medical Devices

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Application of Laser Engraving Machine for Medical Devices

Laser – a great invention of the 20th century, known as “the fastest knife”, “the brightest light” and “the most accurate ruler”. When it comes to the application of laser in the medical industry, people first think of laser tattoo, mole removal, hair removal, skin rejuvenation and other functions. At present, laser has been widely used in the beauty industry. In addition, laser has a huge market application space in medical equipment itself. For example, laser marking machines print logos, text, parameters, etc. on medical devices.

In the traditional medical device processing methods, such as sintering, plasma spraying, electrochemical deposition, etc., due to its high temperature, high acid, high alkali processing environment, it has been gradually eliminated in the processing of biomaterial medical devices. In contrast, ultra-short pulse laser micromachining has the advantages of cold processing, low energy consumption, small damage, high accuracy, and strict positioning in 3D space, and has a good application prospect in medical device processing.

We commonly see medical devices, nothing more than scalpels, hemostats, etc.. If you look closely, you will see a precise and small QR code. Don’t underestimate it. It contains important product information and is an important means of product traceability. Marking on stainless steel medical devices is a typical application of lasers in the medical industry.

Surgical instruments are common medical device, and marking is an indispensable part of their production. It is often necessary to mark LOGO, numbers, text, two-dimensional codes, performance and other information. Due to the particularity of its use environment, the marking has high requirements, and needs to have excellent performance in many aspects such as corrosion resistance, passivation resistance, and autoclaving resistance. Therefore, there are more and more applications of laser marking machines in the medical industry.

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