Application of Laser Marking Machine for Medicine Box

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Laser Marking Machine for Medicine Box

Laser technology has entered the medical industry and is widely used in the medical industry, such as surface marking of glass medicine bottles, coding of drug packaging boxes, etc. This also means that laser technology has a relatively high degree of fit in the medical industry. Medical is an industry that has high requirements for product quality and safety, and laser technology just meets these characteristics. Introduced here is a device that prints code on the surface of the medicine box – medicine box laser inkjet printer.

The medicine box laser inkjet printer is also known as the UV laser marking machine. It is a product that can be used for marking various metal and non-metal film materials, and is widely used in 3C electronics, medical and other industries.

The marks by UV laser marking machine for medicine boxes have the characteristics of permanence, corrosion resistance and environmental protection. Permanence guarantees product safety and prevents information tampering and the generation of counterfeit and shoddy medicines. Corrosion resistance maximizes the longevity of information and improves product traceability. The environmental protection performance ensures the safety of medicines, and does not produce toxic substances that affect the efficacy of medicines. This is why UV marking machines are widely used in medicine box marking and coding.

In addition, the marking effect of the medicine box laser inkjet printer is also very beautiful. The fine UV marking makes the touch almost no difference in feel, and the packaging quality is highlighted from the details.

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