Application of Laser Marking Machine for Paint Stripping

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Laser Marking Machine for Paint Stripping

In daily life or work, we commonly have many metal products, such as kitchen appliances, hardware bathrooms, etc. These metal products are not directly exposed, and often have some coating and paint on the surface, which greatly improves the product in terms of aesthetics, practicability, and stability. For the later needs, laser paint stripping machine is used to make various patterns, patterns, logos, etc. on the surface of the product.

Laser paint stripping machine, also known as laser marking machine, is to use the principle of laser beam irradiation to make the paint layer on the surface thermally expand and contract to carry out a stripping, coupled with high-intensity vibration to directly smash the stripped paint layer on the surface to expose deep material, or cause chemical and physical changes in surface material to carve marks on the surface. Another way is to burn off some of the substances (such as paint, etc.) attached to the surface of the material through light energy, and display the etched patterns, text, barcodes and other graphics.

It is a fast and efficient method to use a laser marking machine to strip metal shell coatings. Compared with traditional paint strippers, lye paint removal, flame paint removal, mechanical paint removal and other methods, laser marking machine has the advantages that it only uses electricity, no consumables, simple operation, safety and no pollution, and the effect is beautiful and clear.

And laser marking machine can be widely used in various metal materials paint stripping, but also can be used for keyboard marking, plastic products engraving, mobile phone shell marking, etc..

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