Application of Laser Marking Machine for PET

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Application of Laser Marking Machine for PET

Laser marking machine is often used to mark production dates, codes, patterns, QR codes and other information. It can mark products made of PET materials.

Items made of PET material have the advantages of high strength, good transparency, non-toxicity, anti-penetration, light weight and high production efficiency, so they have been widely used and are used as computer floppy disks, metal coatings and photosensitive films, can also be made into packaging materials of edible oil bottles, condiment bottles and cosmetic bottles.

Laser marking machine has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, air-cooled cooling, the whole machine is small in size, and can flexibly mark on PET materials. The output beam quality is good and the performance is stable.

Laser marking machine has exquisite marking and good durability, and is widely used in hand-made, plastic light-transmitting buttons, electronic components, PCB board integrated circuits (IC), sanitary appliances, jewelry, auto parts, luggage buckles, stainless steel metal products and other industries.

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