Application of Laser Marking Machine for Power Bank

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Application of Laser Marking Machine for Power Bank

The power bank has become one of the important carry items for people’s travel and outdoor activities. While satisfying the charging function, more and more people are beginning to pursue the personalization and novelty of mobile power. At this point, the customization of power bank is born, and laser marking machines begins to be widely used.

Laser marking is a super-fine, non-contact marking, which will not cause any damage, squeezing, scratching to the mobile power supply, and the marking effect is smooth and delicate.

Laser marking mobile power supply has fast speed, high precision, one-time forming, and will never fade or wear out.

Any pattern text, as long as computer graphics, laser marking machine can quickly and accurately mark along the design route.

All kinds of problems existing in traditional inkjet printing can be completely solved by laser marking machine, which is easy to operate, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and fully meets the current development requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

If you want to have your own power bank with special commemorative significance, you can realize private customization through the laser marking machine.

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