Application of Laser Marking Machine for Scale

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Application of Laser Marking Machine for Scale

Scale is an indispensable measuring tool in life and is widely used in all aspects of work and study. However, when the scale is used for a long time, the scale will become blurred, and it will be difficult to see clearly. Many times the scales we use are printed with ink, which are easy to erase and cannot be kept clear for a long time. In addition, the traditional calibration method is inaccurate, prone to errors, and has low efficiency.

Laser marking machine has easily solved these problems.

Laser marking scales are not limited by materials, such as metal and non-metal. Laser marking is permanent, accurate marking and one-time forming. The scale marked by laser is resistant to abrasion. Laser marking is a non-contact processing, which will not cause extrusion or damage to the material.

The scale has various shapes and functions, and is no longer limited to just a ruler. Accurate measurement tools are the basis for doing a good job and an effective aid for learning and improvement. The combination of practicality and aesthetics makes work more comfortable and handy. Laser marking machines create the most perfect scales.

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