Application of Laser Marking Machine for Seasoning Bottle

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Application of Laser Engraving Machine for Seasoning Bottle

Seasoning is always the most important partner of ingredients. The exquisitely designed seasoning bottle, through the laser marking process, leaves a simple and beautiful pattern on the bottle, which can also become a scenery in the kitchen.

Cooking is a methodical job in itself. The bottles and jars of oil, salt, sauce and vinegar on the kitchen stove can easily make people dazzled during the cooking, and finally get the wrong seasoning in the hustle and bustle. The use of laser marking machine to mark the name on the bottle eliminates the problem of not being able to distinguish the type of seasoning bottle, and can accurately find the desired seasoning at a glance.

Features and Benefits:

The heat-affected area is extremely small, which avoids deformation, damage or scorching of the processed material, and the yield is high.

It has a wide range of applicable materials and makes up for the defects of the currently widely used infrared laser marking processing effect.

High photoelectric conversion rate, 355nm output wavelength, beautiful engraving effect, good touch feeling and high anti-counterfeiting effect.

Products are widely used in micro-machining, fine engraving of various metal and non-metal film materials.

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