Application of Laser Marking Machine for Water Purifier Filter Shell

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Laser Marking Machine for Water Purifier Filter Shell

Drinking water safety is being taken more and more seriously. Water purifiers have also become the first line of defense for healthy water use in many homes. Each time the water purifier filter is replaced, it must be carefully selected according to the filter material, production date, anti-counterfeiting mark, precautions and other information marked on the filter shell. Introduced here is a product that can be used for marking the shell of water purifier filter element – UV laser marking machine.

The traditional process is to use label paper to indicate product information, which is not only inefficient and affects the aesthetics, but also the label paper is easy to be tampered with and torn. In addition, the label paper printed and dyed with ink is easy to cause environmental pollution and waste of resources. Therefore, the introduction of laser marking technology is the general trend.

Laser marking technology uses laser irradiation to generate energy on the surface of an object to achieve the principle of engraving. Laser marking machine makes a clear, permanent mark on the shell of the water purifier filter element. The effect is beautiful, almost no touch feeling, which greatly increases the added value of the product and improves the anti-counterfeiting effect.

Laser marking machine for water purifier filter element can also be used to mark a variety of plastic shells, such as PP, PE, PVC, ABS, etc., with a wide range of applications.

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