Application of Laser Marking Machine for Wine Corks

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Application of Laser Engraving Machine for Wine Corks

In general, the wine cork after screening and cleaning needs to complete the final step before it can be delivered, which is the marking of the cork. There are three main marking methods, which are food-grade ink printing, heat treatment and laser marking.

Compared with the other two methods, laser marking technology has a high degree of automation, fast marking speed and high precision, which can easily realize fine marking, and at the same time, it has low energy consumption, simple processing process, and low loss of raw materials, which can greatly improve the work efficiency.

Moreover, laser marking process is directly controlled by the computer system, which can engrave various patterns and characters without restrictions. It adopts “non-contact” processing and can be marked on any regular or irregular surface without damaging the cork at all, and the marking is more clear and beautiful.

The cork marked by laser marking machine can also be used to make handicrafts, such as cork models, key accessories, and various small and vivid animal decorations.

Features of CO2 laser marking machine

Suitable for large-area engraving and marking of various non-metallic materials.

It can be applied to the cutting of soft and low-density plates, with strong laser energy, fine spot, small mechanical stress, and the cutting speed is 5-10 times higher than that of traditional cutting machines.

Textile fabrics can be engraved on the whole roll and marked on the production line.

It adopts fully enclosed optical path and strict multiple protection control design.

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