Application of Laser Marking Machine for Work Card Cover

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Application of Laser Marking Machine for Work Card Cover

All kinds of cards are very common in life, such as library card, student card, work card, etc. A work card is a status symbol for a person in a company or organization. A good work card can not only enhance the overall image of the company’s employees, but also enhance the discrimination and anti-counterfeiting performance. Laser marking on work card cover brings personalized fashion business style.

The non-contact laser marking process is used to process the work card cover, which will not crush the card cover and does not require a mold. The laser marking process can not only mark the card cover, but also mark the customized content on the lanyard, inner card, etc.

Do you think it is too common to put your ID photo in the card holder? Laser marking breaks the rules. After drawing on the computer, the laser marking machine can mark pictures or texts on the work card cover according to the preset graphics without limitation.

Laser marking is not limited by material color and shape. The pattern or text on the mark will not fade away due to repeated use and wear. The precision of laser marking can reach within millimeters, and the processed work card cover is exquisite and delicate.

The work card is not only a sign of the employee’s identity, but also a medium to display the corporate image to the outside world. Laser marking customized work card that hangs on your chest like a medal.

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