Application of Laser Marking Machine for Cosmetics Packaging

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packaging of cosmetics marking

More and more people are paying attention to skin care and nourishing the skin, and competition in the cosmetics industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Manufacturers also continue to design carefully on the outer packaging, highlighting the quality of details everywhere. In recent years, laser technology has gradually entered the cosmetics industry, playing an important role in the outer packaging of cosmetics.

Application of laser marking machine on the outer packaging of cosmetics

The essential thing on the packaging bottle of cosmetics is the brand logo, which is the quality assurance of cosmetics. Many cosmetic manufacturers choose to use UV laser marking machine to engrave the logo , pattern on the bottle, which has a high aesthetics of craftsmanship. Compared with the traditional inkjet printing process, laser marking has permanent mark, and the marked imprint is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, which prevents illegal merchants from tampering with product information, greatly guarantees the safety of cosmetics, and standardizes the market order.

In addition, on the cosmetics bottle or bottom, rows of production numbers, production dates, anti-counterfeiting barcodes, two-dimensional codes, and laser marking machines can easily complete. With clear marking and high precision, the laser marking machine can carry out small-scale and high-precision marking and engraving. The laser marking machine can also be grafted to the production line to realize the mass marking and coding of cosmetic packaging with fast speed and high efficiency.

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