Application of Laser Welding Machine for Door and Window Industry

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Application of Laser Welding Machine for Door and Window Industry

The application of laser welding machine in the door and window industry, with high degree of automation, can not only achieve high efficiency, good operation, good welding effect, etc., but also significantly reduce labor costs and enhance product competitiveness.

Laser welding equipment processing often only needs to adjust the welding parameters according to the thickness of the aluminum alloy doors and windows. The welding process does not require the addition of welding wire and other auxiliary consumables. For stainless steel products, such as stainless steel doors and windows, handrails and stainless steel craft products, the welding required laser power is smaller and easier to weld.

The uniform energy distribution of the welding spot ensures the beauty and performance of the welded workpiece. Laser welding machine with multi-beam processing, can realize the mass production, and show the advantage of high output ratio in the same series of products.

Compared to traditional welding processes, laser welding machines are highly functional, highly reliable, do not require vacuum conditions and are highly efficient. It has the advantages of high power density, low total heat input, large depth of melt with the same heat input, small heat affected zone, small welding deformation, high speed, and easy industrial automation.

Traditional processes require the use of sheet metal stacks for welding, while laser welding machines do not require contact with the surface of the processed item throughout the process, so the laser process has advantages that traditional welding methods cannot match.

Laser applications are very broad. Laser welding machine as a direction of laser application is based on the synthesis of traditional processing technology and modern laser technology. Due to the shortcomings of traditional welded window and door processing, laser welding has gradually replaced traditional processing methods.

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