Application of Steel Laser Marking Machine for Pad Printing Steel Plate

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Laser marking pad printing steel plate

During the pad printing process, the graphic pattern needs to be etched onto the steel plate first. Traditional etching is carried out with highly corrosive potions, which is not only inefficient but also limited. Now the steel laser marking machine greatly improves the effect and efficiency of etching.

Laser marking pad printing steel plate is a process of using a high-energy laser beam to focus on the surface of the steel plate, and repeatedly sintering at high temperature to etch the pattern pattern, which has obvious technical advantages compared to potion etching.

Potion Etching


1. Unlimited etching depth.

2. The initial investment cost is low.

3. Low technical barriers and quick start.


1. The process is complicated.

2. Poor flexibility.

3. Potions are consumables, and the cost needs to be increased during use.

4. The efficiency is lower than that of laser etching.

5. There are security risks.

Laser etching/marking


1. Laser etching is fast and efficient, and it only takes a few seconds to a few minutes.

2. Free and flexible, the etched pattern and size can be adjusted at any time.

3. The etched graphic/characters are not limited, and can be suitable for etching of various complex graphic patterns.

4. The laser etching process is simple and easy to use.

5. Beautiful effect and high definition.

6. High safety, environmental protection and no pollution.

7. The maintenance cost is low in the later period, and there are basically no consumables in the process of use.


1. Laser marker can etch materials within 0.6mm, and cannot engrave for deeper depths.

2. The initial equipment investment is relatively large compared to the potion.

3. Laser etching has size restrictions, and the size of the etching is determined by the selected model of laser marker.

Recommended model: metal laser marking machine

1. There are 110*110mm, 200*200mm, 300*300mm, 600*600mm and other etching sizes to choose from, and custom models are supported.

2. The model is equipped with a high-power laser, which can achieve complex pattern etching in a short time.

3. The model has a wide range of applications and can be used for etching and engraving of various metals and metal composite materials.

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