Application of UV Laser Marking Machine for Display Panel

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As the basic accessories of 3C smart products, display panels are widely used in life. Such as computer display, TV display, car central control screen, electronic product smart panel, etc. In the production process of display panels, laser technology plays an important role, such as: laser cutting of display panels, laser marking, etc.

The equipment used for display panel marking is generally a UV laser marking machine.

It can be used for marking and lettering of display panels of various materials, such as: glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, etc., and can mark clear fonts, patterns, QR code, barcodes, etc. in a limited space.

The display panel laser marking machine is widely used in the electronics industry. Compared with the traditional printing and dyeing process, laser marking has clear marks, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and the process is more beautiful and the retention is longer.

UV laser marker is safe and environmentally friendly, has high efficiency, and has a smooth and flat surface. It is suitable for engraving and marking of various metal and non-metal panels.


1. Configure the marking range of 110*110mm, support customized models of different size.

2. The laser light source is stable, the service life is long, and the maintenance cost is low in the later period.

3. Automatic processes such as assembly lines and vision systems can be configured according to requirements to achieve production-line batch marking.

4. The operation is simple and easy to use, and the production cost is low.

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