Application of UV Laser Marking Machine for Phone IMEI Card Tray Coding

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IMEI code card tray

In order to regulate the market, cell phone IMEI code has been paid more and more attention to become an important basis for mobile phone identification. The IMEI code, also known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity, is the unique identification code of the mobile phone, which is often marked on the back of the mobile phone body and SIM card tray.

IMEI code laser marking machine, namely ultraviolet laser marking machine, is a device that uses high-energy laser beam to mark digital characters on the surface of metal and non-metal materials.

IMEI code laser marking machine is widely used in the electronics industry. The marking speed is very fast and the efficiency is high. Once marked, it is resistant to corrosion and wear, and is permanently retained, making information tampering impossible and greatly regulating the market order.

UV laser marking machine is safe and pollution-free, suitable for micro marking of various complex graphic patterns and alphanumerics.

The marking is clear and beautiful, the operation is simple, easy to use, and the maintenance cost is low in the later period. It can be used for all kinds of metal and non-metal surface marking, suitable for various electronic products such as charger information, logo marking, mobile phone interior parts marking, mobile phone antenna engraving, plastic product surface marking, etc.


1. Equipped with a marking size of 110*110mm, suitable for small-scale precision engraving.

2. The light source is stable and the service life is long.

3. Optional automatic process to realize the integrated operation of loading and unloading, and support customized models.

4. The model can be equipped with CCD visual automatic grabbing function, intelligent alignment and marking, without manual alignment.

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