Application of UV Laser Marking Machine for Remote Control Button

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UV Laser Marking Machine for Remote Control Button

As a kind of wireless transmitter, the remote control is widely used in people’s life, such as home, entertainment, hospitals, etc., which brings a lot of convenience to life. With the development of laser technology, laser marking technology has been gradually applied to the marking of remote control buttons – UV laser marking machine.

Compared with the general infrared laser, UV laser marking machine adopts ultraviolet laser, and the spot is more delicate, especially suitable for the application of 3C electronics, medical and other industries.

Laser technology marks on the remote control buttons clearly and permanently, and will not fade and fall off, so manufacturers have used laser marking machines to mark the remote control buttons.

Advantages of UV laser marking machine

Non-contact processing, extremely small focusing spot and small processing heat affected zone, so the marking is fine and the precision is high.

High efficiency, extremely fast marking speed, a few seconds to tens of seconds.

The markings are permanent, corrosion-resistant, and wear-resistant.

Safe and environmentally friendly.

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