Application of Laser Marking Machine for TPU Polymer Material

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TPU is a polyurethane polymer material, which is widely used in shoe materials, films, hoses, wires, etc., and is widely used in electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace, etc.

In the process of TPU products, it is often necessary to carry out surface marking treatment, such as laser marking TPU hoses for scales, cutting TPU film, marking letters on the surface of TPU cable, etc.

uv laser marking tpu

TPU Laser Marking Machine

The equipment used for engraving on the surface of TPU material – TPU laser marking machine.

TPU laser marking machine is a device that can be used for fine marking on the surface of various metal and non-metal materials. The fonts marked by the TPU laser marking machine are corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, with high marking efficiency, clear and beautiful handwriting.

Laser marking is a permanent marking method. Once marked, it is extremely difficult to tamper with and is a good helper for product traceability.

Compared with the traditional ink printing and dyeing process, the laser marker is more environmentally friendly, more convenient and fast, and has been used by many TPU product manufacturers, becoming the mainstream process for surface marking of TPU materials.

Recommended laser marking machine for tpu


1. The ultraviolet spot is fine, the light source is stable, and the life is long.

2. The machine has a low operating cost and low maintenance cost in the later period, which is high-return equipment.

3. Automatic tooling can be configured according to requirements to realize intelligent and efficient marking of products.

4. The product has a wide range of applications, delicate touch, high degree of marking recognition, with significant technical advantages.


When using a UV laser engraving machine to mark TPU materials, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Material Selection

Make sure the TPU material you use is suitable for UV laser marking. Different types and grades of TPU materials may have different response characteristics, so when selecting a material, please refer to the technical data sheet provided by the material supplier to ensure its markability.

Parameter Adjustment

For TPU material, you may need to make some parameter adjustments to achieve the best marking effect. This includes optimization of parameters such as laser power, marking speed, frequency and focal length. Find the best parameter settings for your specific application by experimenting and adjusting.

Surface Preparation

Make sure the surface of the TPU material is clean, flat, and free of any obstructions or contaminants. Cleaning the surface improves the effectiveness of the laser beam and avoids unwanted blemishes or blurring.

Safety Measures

Always follow safe operating procedures when using a UV laser marking machine. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses or a face shield, to protect eyes and skin from laser radiation. Make sure the device is working properly and follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions.

Testing and Optimization

Before mass production, conduct small-scale testing to verify the marking effect, and adjust and optimize parameters as needed. This ensures consistent marking quality and accuracy in actual production.

These considerations provide general guidance only and actual conditions may vary depending on device model, material properties and application needs. Always refer to the device manufacturer’s recommendations and consult a professional for more specific guidance and solutions.

Parameter settings of laser marking TPU material

The specific parameter settings of the laser marking machine may vary depending on the equipment model and manufacturer. When laser marking TPU materials, the following are some common recommended parameter settings:


Choose the proper power based on the desired marking depth and clarity. Generally, TPU materials can be marked with laser power in the medium to high power range, such as 10 to 30 watts.


Marking speed should be adjusted according to the desired marking quality and productivity. Lower speeds will increase mark depth and definition, but reduce productivity. It is recommended to choose a medium speed for the first attempt, and fine-tune it according to the actual situation.


In general, for TPU materials, try to use a higher frequency, such as 20 kHz to 50 kHz. Higher frequencies can bring greater finesse and clarity.

Please note that these parameter settings are general recommendations only, and many trials and optimizations may be required to achieve the best results in practice. When using laser marking machines, please follow the equipment manufacturer’s operating instructions and ensure that relevant safety operating procedures are followed.


Is the UV laser marker suitable for marking on TPU materials?

Yes, UV laser markers are generally widely used in marking TPU materials. UV lasers are capable of producing high-contrast, high-definition marks on TPU surfaces with a small heat-affected zone.

Are special precautions required to mark TPU material with a UV laser marker?

Yes, when using a UV laser marking machine, it is recommended to take appropriate safety precautions, including wearing personal protective equipment (such as safety glasses) to ensure the safety of the operator and the surrounding environment.

Is it necessary to process the material in advance when marking the TPU material?

Sometimes some pre-processing of the material is required for better marking results. for example:

Clean Surface: It is very important to ensure that the surface of the TPU material is clean and dust-free. Use an appropriate cleaner or solvent to clean the surface to remove grease, dust and other stains.

Removing the protective film: If there is a protective film (such as self-adhesive paper) on the TPU material, make sure to remove it completely before marking, so as not to hinder the irradiation of the laser beam.

Surface coating: For some TPU materials, special coating agents can be used to enhance the marking effect. These coatings typically increase the absorption of UV laser, resulting in sharper, more legible markings. Consult your material supplier or a professional for suitable coating options for your material.

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