PCB Laser Marking Machine

PCB laser marking is a process that uses laser technology to mark printed circuit boards (PCBs). It uses a high-energy laser beam to create permanent marks directly on the PCB surface without the use of inks, chemicals, or mechanical scoring. Laser marking can achieve various marking effects, such as text, graphics, QR codes and barcodes,… Continue reading PCB Laser Marking Machine

Laser Engraver for Bottles

Laser engraver for bottles is a device specially designed for high-precision engraving and marking on the surface of bottles. It uses laser technology, and by controlling the intensity and position of the laser beam, various designs such as text, patterns, and logos can be engraved on the bottles. The role and importance of the bottle… Continue reading Laser Engraver for Bottles

Laser Engraver for Cups

With the continuous advancement of laser technology, laser engraving, as a high-precision and high-efficiency manufacturing process, has gradually become an important part of the customized market and creative design field. Among them, laser engraver for cups is gradually becoming an ideal choice for customized gifts, commercial brand identification, and industrial production traceability management due to… Continue reading Laser Engraver for Cups

Laser Engraver for Pens

Laser engraver for pens plays an important role in the pen manufacturing and customization industry. It can accurately and permanently print trademarks, brand logos, or personalized information onto the pen surface, providing anti-counterfeiting markings and traceability functions. This non-contact marking technology does not damage the appearance of the pen while ensuring the clarity and durability… Continue reading Laser Engraver for Pens

Application of Laser Marking Machine for Food Packaging Production Date

The production date and product batch number on the food plastic bags or milk cartons and other packaging are originally used by the traditional inkjet coding machine. With the improvement of food standards, traditional inkjet coding machines are gradually replaced by laser marking machines. Laser marking machine has fast marking speed, high efficiency, no consumables,… Continue reading Application of Laser Marking Machine for Food Packaging Production Date